Defeating Earlier Life Challenges, Self-Efficacy, Resilience

The following research talks about why subscribing to self-efficacy is critical before negative events come our way:  “Reflecting On Your Own Capabilities Boosts Resilience.”




University of Zurich. (2021, March 10). Reflecting On Your Own Capabilities Boosts Resilience. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 14, 2021 from

Want to Improve a Child’s Social Development? Give Them Shakespeare


It’s a process:

The child who once thought reading was boring, uninspiring, will develop a fondness for books after they’ve read Shakespeare, or viewed a production.  Reading The Bard’s beautiful language will reinforce in them to enunciate words properly.  If they’re introverted, they’ll stand out in English class reciting lines with enthusiasm.  Parents can incorporate readings on fun nights at home with family members and friends participating. Joining school organizations, gaining friends, will create new socializing opportunities for a child.

Even if they remain a tad shy, it’s an endearing quality.  Their cognition, self-esteem, and confidence will expand, leading to new social skills.  They’ll become more outgoing which they can carry throughout their adult years.