Brain Trauma, Neuroscience & Disabling That Culprit Molecule

Zeldovich (2021) reports about an exciting study which can potentially benefit many who suffer from brain trauma injuries in, “This Molecule Could Be the Key to Understanding Why Concussions Have Such Long-Term Effects | Science | Smithsonian Magazine.”



Zeldovich, L. (2021). This Molecule Could Be The Key To Understanding Why Concussions Have Such Long-Term Effects. Retrieved From This Molecule Could Be the Key to Understanding Why Concussions Have Such Long-Term Effects | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

COVID-19, The Brain, Cognitive Impairment


Is there a direct link to cognitive issues and COVID-19?  “COVID-19’s Effects On The Brain” (Zimmer, 2021) investigates what numerous patients are dealing with.





Zimmer, K. (2021).  COVID-19’s Effects On The Brain. Retrieved From

COVID-19’s Effects on the Brain | The Scientist Magazine® (


The Mind Is A Sanctuary, Protecting That Sanctuary With Old Familiar Things When Society Has Lost Its Way (Again), A Spiritual Message


Favorites which are:


– Biblical passages;

– Mentoring children;

– Volunteering at nursing homes;

– Listening to certain music;

– Reading publications (Poetry, Fiction, etc.);

– Viewing television, film, stage productions from long ago;

– Creating art;

– Photography,

– Gardening.


These activities, pursuits, can bring comfort temporarily, but have long-term health benefits.  Returning us to days of yore.  Great memories.  In maintaining contentment.  A positive attitude.


These are examples of reinforcing healthy, strong coping skills.


What are your examples?






Unlocking a Brighter Future for Locked-In Syndrome

It’s devastating when someone experiences a stroke!  To worsen matters, there’s the possibility of acquiring Locked-In Syndrome (LIS) which can rob them of their dignity. Science Daily (2013) reported that,

“LIS results from a lesion to the brainstem, which can occur when a stroke impacts this specific small area at the junction between the spinal cord and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The lesion blocks the brain’s motor pathways, resulting in almost complete paralysis.”

Please share this article with loved ones who have risk factors for stroke.


Science Daily. (2013). Unlocking a Brighter Future for Locked-In Syndrome From Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.