Pharmacies, Negative Customer Service, Conflict Resolution Skills

At one time or another, all of us will have to visit a “pharmacy” to purchase behind-the-counter cold and flu medications, and orders for ourselves and loved ones.  But what if they’ve added new employees whose manner is less than desirable?  The following are tips to consider:

  • Where appropriate, just endure the rudeness. Don’t add to it.  Silence really is golden.
  • Pay close attention to the worker for description purposes and the name tag.
  • After making the transaction, leave the store immediately, even if there were items on your list to purchase in other parts of the store.
  • The next day after gaining composure, call the pharmacy to speak with the manager.
  • Tell the manager what occurred, and only the facts.  Give the name and description of the worker.
  • Remind the manager that most of these customers are patients and all they want is their medication.  Not unfavorable attitudes.  What if the customer was a cancer patient at the receiving end of harsh behavior?
  • Finally, tell the manager that you thought it wise to give them the opportunity to make remedies in the worker’s behavior, and your last resort is calling the State Board of Pharmacy.

Even if you switch to another pharmacy, you would have given the manager strong incentive for jumping into action in providing only the best service for the remaining customers.


“National Enquirer” Mentality

All of us have favorite entertainment performers, and they cover many decades. But when members of a society are extremely “celebrity-focused”, they’re incapable of making accurate big decisions.  They favor superficial qualities, lack critical thinking skills.

And a Nation suffers as a consequence.


“Do antidepressants work?”


As this blog has stated repeatedly, an individual with a psychological difficulty should use medication only if it’s absolutely necessary because of the many side effects they produce. If you’re someone who has, or is presently using “antidepressants”, feel free to anonymously contribute your experience for The Guardian online survey*.  Doctors are welcome to participate in this survey as well, and give their expertise on the subject.

Mental health is a global issue.  Thus, every region should participate.

*Must be over sixteen years of age.