The Youth Population, Avoiding A Wasteful Life

Members of this community have to learn they are standing on the shoulders of ancestors:

  • Who fought the good fight
  • For peace
  • A civilized society
  • Respect
  • A positive future for descendants

These are words taught me and peers coming up during younger times in our households, and throughout K-12.  Parents and teachers drilled these beliefs into our heads.  Thus, we never took anything for granted.  A strong reverence for those ancestors.

Young people have to live meaningful lives instead of throwing it away on illegal drug usage, violence, and other unhealthy behaviors which can result in mental health difficulties and prison.

But what if they lack positive role models in their homes (i.e., parents/caregivers are deceased, incarcerated, or unavailable because of other factors)?

Young people should look to those they admire and trust:

  • A relative outside of home
  • Friend’s parent
  • Teacher
  • Neighbor
  • Social worker

AND confirm these individuals are worthy of their admiration and trust.

A few words to offer as young people pursue those meaningful lives:

  • Make self-respect a close friend
  • Intellect your strongest weapon
  • Be your unique selves


Delicate Subject Series – Pearls of Wisdom

Many artists, before they became famous, experienced issues similar to those within the general population.  An example is Country Music singer and lyricist Hunter Hayes being a target of bullying when he was younger.

His song Invisible could become an anthem for those suffering.

Hunter Hayes Reveals His Bullying Past

Hunter Hayes – Invisible (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)


Delicate Subject Series – Anti-Bullying Film “Between the Cracks”

Warning: Graphic images

It’s an epidemic and becoming worse every year.  Young people being harassed, threatened, humiliated, reputations questioned, destroyed. The targets frequently take matters into their own hands through violent means, while others commit suicide.

Between the Cracks “…show the devastating factors that can exist with children who are bullied and find no help from adults” (Epp Films, 2013, Dec. 6). Parents and children are encouraged to see the film together at festivals scheduled this year.  Additional information about the film can be read here.

The following is the trailer:



Epp Films. (2013, December 6).  Between the Cracks Trailer Teaser. [Video file].  Retrieved from


Delicate Subject Series – Youth Population: Alcohol, Rape, Social Media

How many times have we heard about underage females becoming intoxicated at social functions, passing out, and then being raped, videotaped by the perpetrators, with those images placed out on social media which further humiliate them?  Too often.  No one has the right to take advantage of them, and they have no right placing themselves in dangerous situations.

Parents have to speak to their children beginning at a young age (five) regarding appropriate behaviors, and those which aren’t.  Girls cannot afford to walk around with an ignorance about opportunities where someone can rob them of their dignity.  Boys have to learn to respect females and not even consider violating them in any manner whatsoever. Conversations have to be ongoing throughout before, and after, they enter university.  The authoritarian parental approach may be required for this purpose to scare them into understanding they will not shame themselves, nor the family.