The Opioid Epidemic in the U.S., The Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid Expansion, Mental Health

Thoughts concerning a previous administration are not important.  How the ACA was initially implemented is neither here nor there.  The perception of Medicaid to the casual observer is inconsequential.

Saving lives is the objective!

As we all know, the opioid epidemic in America is a mental health problem.  Families are losing loved ones from this addiction.  The numbers are tremendous.

Therefore, it is paramount that the ACA and Medicaid programs are expanded to help individuals help themselves with drug therapy and other tools these programs make available.

It would become detrimental to have the programs decreased/removed entirely for current enrollees.  It is analogous to a highly effective prescribed medication leaving the market, suddenly, without a proven alternative as a replacement.

Do No Harm is an important aspect within the mental health community.  It is a must that school of thought is adopted/enhanced by those who do the People’s work.