Depression and Early Treatment

It’s vital that members of society with mild depression enter therapy as quickly as possible to reduce/eliminate symptoms.  Left untreated (or delaying treatment), the condition can exacerbate, leading to severe depression, and then a breakdown of neurotransmitters. Another reason for early therapy is because Depression Increases Heart Failure by 40%.







New Blog Features



I’ve updated my blog with a new Gravatar, and by including additional page tabs—“Lectures”, “Stress Management”, and “Inspirational”.  These videos consist of discussions by leading experts within the psychological/neuroscience community; beautiful, peaceful images, and music to calm the soul.  Newer videos will get added over the course of each month.




Metabolic Difficulties and Sleep Loss

The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology (2014) reported, “An increasing number of epidemiological studies show an association between short sleep duration, sleep disturbances, and circadian desynchronisation of sleep with adverse metabolic traits, in particular obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.”  You can read the summary titled, The Metabolic Burden of Sleep Loss.



The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. (2014). The Metabolic Burden of Sleep Loss. The Lancet.