Childhood Autism, Asking The Necessary Question, One More Variable Worth Considering

Are childhood vaccines directly linked to autism, or is there a history of illegal drug usage in one or both parents of children with autism?*


*It stands to reason there are individuals with a prior history of illegal drug usage, and went on in life and produced healthy children.  Each case has to be looked upon independently for better analyses.



“Study Links Synaesthesia to Autism”


As we all know, the brain can be considered the operating system for the rest of the body. The BBC reports that adults with autism spectrum disorder may actually taste words because their senses are combined.  Helen Briggs stated:

“Synaesthesia is a condition where one sense automatically triggers another. Some people experience tastes when they read or hear words, some perceive numbers as shapes, others see colours when they hear music.”

The research can help us understand what individuals with autism experience on a daily basis.