Creativity, Everyone Can Learn, Why It’s An Important Skill To Develop

Ohio State University (2022, March 14) talks about how students and employees can learn how to become creative, a skill originally thought an ascribed talent.

The creative learning discussed in the article can allow people to find more than one problem-solving answer for difficulties they may experience in school, the workplace, and everyday life. Thus, creativity is an important skill in developing a more well-rounded, critically-thoughtful society. A populace with comprehensive knowledge on given subjects, with the ability to discuss a number of ways.



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March Is National Nutrition Month (Nutritional Psychiatry)

March Is National Nutrition Month (Nutritional Psychiatry)

There is a strong relationship with healthy nutrition resulting in positive mental health: Nutritional Psychiatry (Mental Health Foundation, 2022), and (Rutland, 2021).

Learn how to incorporate more food selections for overall good health (, Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics, 2022).


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