Before The 9/11 Day Of Remembrance

Those who brought heartache and devastation to this country on that day years ago will not be psychologically categorized by this blogger.

They were people who worshipped evil.

Enough said!

As Americans, we live in an open society and should be able to have that at-home-in-the-world experience in our comings and goings in our daily routine, life.

Be that as it may, have we become more cautious, paying attention to our surroundings (taking mental notes) we would have ignored prior to that day?

Have we grown more suspicious (without intent!) of others, because of that day we are required to have a certain amount of documentation and information on our person to verify we are who we say that we are?

Did 9/11 set off an epidemic of mental health challenges for people because we saw from that day how fragile and temporary life truly is?

Are we still making attempts to live our best lives as best as we can?

Have we grown a resilience (macro/micro), or has our resilience grown stronger?

Finally, have we learned to ignore certain annoyances, trifles as it were, because they really are inconsequential in the main scheme of things?

These questions are rhetorical, but worth consideration.

September 11, 2001 was macabre and changed everyone.

If that day failed to change anyone in how they think about the American environment, enough said!


The Environment At Large In America

The approach is everything!

While there are law-enforcement districts lax in keeping dangerous criminals in jail (with residents understandably up in arms!), there are agencies which also need to consider the message they’re sending out to the American public.

It’s one thing for members of society to fear and experience anger regarding the criminal element. However, it’s quite another when members begin to fear and distrust those organizations which were made to protect society because of an appearance of a certain something, untoward in motives, when pursuing an alleged criminal.

These organizations need to be mindful in their approach because they could be creating a negative element in society their roles entitle them to pursue.

Once the wrong approach is made, society’s negative impression about these organizations is difficult to erase, if ever.

A mentally stable America depends on the correct approach.


A Holiday Is Never Required To Say Thank You To THAT U. S. Military From Days Gone By

(Image: American Flag Wallpaper)

(Image: The U. S. National Archives And Records Administration (2022). General Dwight D. Eisenhower Giving The Order Of The Day)

(Image: American Flag Wallpaper)



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