Why Tunnel Vision Is Important When Preparing For The Future

Albert Einstein in his study at Princeton, New Jersey, in 1951. Photo: Getty Images

Haden (2022) talks further on the subject in, “Einstein’s Law Of Focus:  How To Be More Productive, Accomplished, And Fulfilled Starting Today.  According To Einstein, What You Decide Not To Do Can Make All The Difference.”



Haden, J. (2022).  Einstein’s Law of Focus: How to Be More Productive, Accomplished, and Fulfilled, Starting Today.  According to Einstein, what you decide not to do can make all the difference. Retrieved From https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/einsteins-law-of-focus-how-to-be-more-productive-accomplished-fulfilled-starting-today.html?utm_source=newsletters&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=IncThisMorning-Dec%2019,%202022&leadId=357043&mkt_tok=NjEwLUxFRS04NzIAAAGIzn–2Iq05xoReV8KLCFvtTgctYsepHgXNoQ8sFjuf0Mymoi5fNCT-BNCXn_kC4-XUXjhzqZPNsy53_Veu5nixcwWcrqNjWOTeWdjJ64