Before The 9/11 Day Of Remembrance

Those who brought heartache and devastation to this country on that day years ago will not be psychologically categorized by this blogger.

They were people who worshipped evil.

Enough said!

As Americans, we live in an open society and should be able to have that at-home-in-the-world experience in our comings and goings in our daily routine, life.

Be that as it may, have we become more cautious, paying attention to our surroundings (taking mental notes) we would have ignored prior to that day?

Have we grown more suspicious (without intent!) of others, because of that day we are required to have a certain amount of documentation and information on our person to verify we are who we say that we are?

Did 9/11 set off an epidemic of mental health challenges for people because we saw from that day how fragile and temporary life truly is?

Are we still making attempts to live our best lives as best as we can?

Have we grown a resilience (macro/micro), or has our resilience grown stronger?

Finally, have we learned to ignore certain annoyances, trifles as it were, because they really are inconsequential in the main scheme of things?

These questions are rhetorical, but worth consideration.

September 11, 2001 was macabre and changed everyone.

If that day failed to change anyone in how they think about the American environment, enough said!


9/11, Twenty Years, A Celebration Of So Many People

9/11, Twenty Years, A Celebration Of So Many People


There is an enormous sense of gratitude for the men and women who served in the Military for their dedication and bravery, over so many years, in securing freedom, and we cannot thank them enough!

To those who lost their lives in NYC on that fateful day;

The deceased from the crash that occurred in the Pentagon building;

The courageous passengers who crashed their hijacked plane so that others could live;

The families and friends who mourn over their loved ones;

The survivors who are still in recovery, on so many levels, who can talk about their experiences from that miserable day,

And the rescue and recovery workers who went above and beyond their call of duty.