The Anxiety Series, Introduction, Sociology, Social Psychology

This.  New.  Century.  Has.  Been.  Weird!

And 2020 walked in bringing another dynamic to the landscape.

As a result, we have earned a certain amount of stress which none of us wanted, or needed.

Over the next few weeks, this blog will discuss stress and anxiety and their many components to bring awareness on these topics, and methods in reducing these health difficulties.

The first part is Sunday.

See you then.




A Brief Quiz To Determine Coronavirus-Provoked Anxiety

Lee (2020) has an evaluation for readers to complete in understanding how well they are coping in this environment with, Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (Lee, 2020).

Contact your doctor for any concerns regarding unhealthy levels of anxiety, and other mental health issues.





Lee, S. A., Ph.D. (2020).  Coronavirus Anxiety Scale.  Retrieved From