Diabetes and Food Selections


If you have loved ones with diabetes, please share the following article with them: 9 of the Best Foods for Diabetics.  The mentioned foods can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, encourage weight reduction, provide necessary vitamins, and a lot more.







Internet Addiction, Psychiatric Disorders

The Journal of the European Psychiatric Association has an abstract titled, The Association Between Internet Addiction and Psychiatric Disorder: A Review of the Literature.



Long-Term Solutions for Teenagers with Advanced Mental Health Problems

FamilyFirstAid.org has a wealth of information for parents with teenagers facing challenging issues.  What is a Residential Treatment Center? is one example of articles provided by these experts.


Aristotle – Forming the Psychological Discipline

Aristotle was a huge contributor to the world of psychology.  The following resource explains why:

[Video] Aristotle the Psychologist


Novels, Imagery – Cognitive and Life Advantages

There are several positive aspects to bring forward about imagination.  Let’s begin.

  • Radio Dramas.  Imagination.  The subject got me thinking about the generations of people who were alive before television was invented.  They listened to radio dramas, became accustomed to visualizing, got involved with the plight of the characters, and listened everyday to those programs.

Audio books, and the following resources, are fun and relaxing activities to improve this important cognitive function.

    1. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Fiction Podcasts
    2. BBC Radio Dramas
    3. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Fiction Podcasts


Strokes, Hormonal Therapy Issues

I came across the following health articles of interest: 6 Stroke Risk Factors All Women Should Know and Testosterone Therapy Side Effects.


Good News, Bad News – “Lower Cancer Incidence Rate in Patients With Central Nervous System Disease Explained”

Members of society, with particular mental health conditions, have a reduced chance in receiving a cancer diagnosis from their physicians.  The epidemiological study describes this outcome as an inverse comorbidity result.