Weight Gain Is More Complex Than The Food We Eat

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All of us “gain weight” at some point in our lives.  When we pursue a fitness program, remain under the daily allotted 3,600 calories, and take a B Complex B-12 vitamin (check with physician first), we can lose weight and those excess inches.  However, there are individuals who gain weight, and it’s not primarily food causing the additional pounds.  Let’s review some of the reasons family and friends experience this problem to raise awareness.

Behavioral Activation System (BAS).  Many individuals believe that our stomach is the only part of the body to inform us when we’re full from eating.  Actually, it’s the brain which informs the stomach.  Unfortunately, there are individuals who may experience Binge Eating Disorder (BED) because of a heightened neurobehavioral process dependent upon dopamine.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is effective for individuals who experience this illness.  In addition, there may be candidates for a Deep Brain Stimulation Implant (pacemaker) if CBT proves ineffective.

Blood Sugar Irregularities.  It’s important that we eat a high-fiber breakfast every morning, even if it’s a small portion.  The meal provides the necessary energy for appropriate blood sugar (glucose) levels in our bodies.  Our pancreas generate the insulin hormone which carries the glucose into the body’s cells to use for energy.  When insulin goes into high gear during the process, it ceases to burn fat and places the fat into storage.  This isn’t a problem since we need a certain amount of fat in our systems.  The challenge arises when insulin goes into high gear creating too much blood sugar.  This blood sugar fails to get removed from blood, with blood sugar and insulin at unhealthy levels.  The results are sluggishness and a desire for sugary snacks, creating more body weight. Yogurt, oatmeal, raspberries are some of the high-fiber foods we can snack on at regular intervals throughout the day.

Child Abuse.  Children can experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when subjected to abuse.  The condition can result in nightmares.  Nightmares result in a lack of sleep.  The lack of sleep results in calories stored as unhealthy quantities of fat.

Farmed Fish.  We naturally assume fish that’s cared for is healthier for our menu. However, not only can we experience osteoporosis and kidney stones because of what’s fed to the fish, we can also gain additional pounds.

Hormonal Adjustments in Menopause.  Women have the highest levels of estrogen in their early twenties.  As each year passes, the hormonal level decreases.  When females enter the menopausal stage, hormones may not release from the brain causing weight gain, or as some studies have suggested, an increase of belly fat.  A temporary Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) program can bring relief from the additional pounds.  Women should ask physicians what the risks are since the program is controversial, determine whether HRT is appropriate for their health needs, and learn about safer options worth exploring.

Lack of Sleep in Adults.  The medical community has suggested that if we sleep less than five hours, or more than nine, we can become overweight.  Too little sleep means calories turning into excess fat, and too much sleep can develop an insatiable appetite.

Prescribed Medications.  Antidepressants, pain management, birth control, allergy, blood pressure, and other medications can cause weight gain.  It’s advisable to always ask the physician if there are effective alternatives of medication which don’t produce weight gain, or far less pounds.

Soft Drinks.  Most of us enjoy a soft drink every once and again.  However, for the individual who enjoys these beverages frequently, there is an additional ingredient they may not be aware of contributing to weight problems:  Alcohol.  This ingredient is in most popular brands of soft drinks.  A trace amount of alcohol is all that’s required for addiction in members of the population, and too often they’re children.

Thyroid.  Women of all ages can experience thyroid problems.  When hormones have difficulty gaining release from the thyroid, excess weight is the consequence.  Including protein with every meal, eating within an hour after waking every morning, eating at regular intervals, and steaming broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower are some of the remedies for getting the thyroid in balance.

The advancement of science has allowed us to realize that no longer can we immediately assume that weight gain is caused by food consumption alone.  There are many perspectives to address the subject, and we can look forward to new discoveries.


The Noise in Life and How We Can Protect Our Mental Health

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Toddlers screaming with joy when playing with parents and grandparents.  Listening to music from our favorite CDs, and audiobooks from popular writers.  Hearing from relatives and friends about confirmation at university, employment opportunities. Cascading water fountains in backyards.  The cheers from attendees at wedding ceremonies.  These sounds and others like them are a delight. Unfortunately, there exist sounds in the universe which are unsettling, and if we’re not careful nurture in us an unstable mental health.  Noise.

Figuratively speaking, the noise comes from newspapers, and literally from the evening news on television and radio.  To expand further through these mentioned platforms, some members of the following entities generate the most disturbances:  Public officials–Celebrities–The famous for being famous–Average citizens. None of us can escape because it’s everywhere.  As soon as we turn our backs there’s additional noise disturbing the peace of our lives, rupturing the fabric of the universe.  It can leave us in disbelief, produce a quiet anger, and sometimes the noise is tragic.  How do we protect ourselves?

There are particular areas in life which we can’t control, to be sure. However, those areas which we can influence provides the means for building up a stronger infrastructure. In the process, it allows us to have more meaningful lives.


  • Nursing homes
  • Veterans’ Hospitals
  • General Hospitals

Bringing fruits and other treats for the patients.  Their lives will become enhanced instantly because visits enable them to overlook ailments for awhile, and possibly loneliness.


  • Big Brothers-Big Sisters Organization
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts

Children never forget the one individual who made a positive difference in their lives.

Assisting Veterans Retired medical staff members can bring disabled Veterans into their homes to live.  It could be one of the greatest compliments the Veterans ever received for military service. Household members can learn from each other.

Creating/Joining Causes We’re Passionate About

  • Child Protection Services
  • Sports Programs for Children (when school districts are financially unable)
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Military Groups (sending care packages:  non-perishable foods, cell phones with batteries, computers, personal hygiene items, cards and letters, etc.)
  • Habitat for the Humanities (many couples with children will appreciate)
  • Animal Rescue Agencies

That noise.  Well, it’s not going anywhere.  But when we live more purposeful lives, by pouring the cement for a sturdier universe, we also create the foundation for maintaining a positive mental health.


Less Invasive Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Therapists should reconsider whether it’s wise to immediately prescribe medications for patients with PTSD. There are far too many instances when anti-anxiety drugs exacerbate this condition. Instead, they should become creative in finding other methods which are less invasive. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), along with Pet Therapy, have shown to have positive effects in reducing/eliminating symptoms associated with PTSD. The former allows the patient to learn new thinking skills, while the latter decreases anxiety, blood pressure levels, depression, raises spirits, releases endorphins which provide a calming effect, and numerous other benefits.

This combination therapy returns a positive quality of life for members of the military, and for the civilian population.


Discussing Mental Health

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This subject causes members of society to wince with pain, shake their heads, and totally look away.  None of that need occur, however.

In the same fashion that adult males are no longer ashamed/bashful in discussing prostate health, society needs to openly address mental health.

Think of the operating system installed on technology.  If any difficulties occur, that technology won’t function properly.  The same holds true with our brain which can be considered the body’s operating system.  This 3-lb device provides the five senses, allows us to smile, laugh, sing, stand up, walk, dance, skip, engage in sports,  and so much more.

When we’re asleep, the brain continues to function.

So why are so many people incapable of discussing mental health?  There is no personal failing if someone experiences psychological difficulties.  In fact, the longer we live the more opportunities arise which can condition us in experiencing psychological issues.  Also, there are many instances where there are no known causations when they happen.

I have to tell this cute story about a former psychology professor.  She told the class to share to help relieve fears about phobias, and mental health in general.

She was in training for her advanced degree.  Unfortunately, the building she worked in lacked an annex.  She had to enter the building from the outside.  It was Spring time and which is typical during this season, occasional rain showers produced mosquitoes. Hundreds of them clung to the front door and other parts of the exterior of the building.  “How am I supposed to get through those doors?” she asked herself as she stood across the street from the building.  She had a phobia towards bugs.  To remedy her problem, she visualized herself approaching the building, opening the door, entering the building.  Then she did it!

What’s my phobia?  Well, it’s odd.  I love traveling by plane, but I won’t get on a roller coaster at the amusement park.  That won’t be happening.  🙂

When members of society have a healthy discussion concerning mental health, is the same day when society learns to relax.

And doesn’t it get so exhausting not discussing mental health?


Destigmatizing Mental Health

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Annual psychological assessments need to become the norm in the same manner that members of society visit medical practitioners for physical examinations. The client will learn if any area needs addressing, understand the mind-body connection (neuroscience), and, finally, recognize that everyone has a mental health, the most important variable in establishing a healthy condition.

To drive the effort, members of the psychological community can approach/recruit entertainment performers in broadcasting Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) through various media platforms. Artists can become extremely persuasive stressing the importance of preventatitve mental health care, since a vast majority in society favor celebrity.