The Human Brain Project

“The Human Brain Project” is a new research endeavor lasting ten years, with hundreds of scientists from Europe participating.  A few of the objectives are to build a facility for the project, better understand how the brain operates, learn about similarities among brain diseases, create medical innovation and other electronics, all the while advancing neuroscience. Experts are using highly sophisticated computers for data mining.

The outcomes will prove beneficial for all of us!


Illegal Drug Usage – It’s Worse Than We Think

As mentioned earlier on this blog, when a person has a “drug addiction”, they automatically have a mental health issue.  We should also understand that when parents bring others into their lives, they automatically bring these individuals into their children’s lives.  Thus, when parents are addicted to illegal drugs, they have unwittingly engaged in child abuse. Drug dealers aren’t pillars of society, and could bring harm to the children of their clients.



Graphic Images – “Krokodil use reportedly spreading: What makes dangerous drug so addictive?”

There are always new illegal drugs every generation, and “Krokodil” is yet another.  But this drug is more hideous than the usual ones because it’s extremely addictive, resulting in gangrene, amputations, and worse.


Unlocking a Brighter Future for Locked-In Syndrome

It’s devastating when someone experiences a stroke!  To worsen matters, there’s the possibility of acquiring Locked-In Syndrome (LIS) which can rob them of their dignity. Science Daily (2013) reported that,

“LIS results from a lesion to the brainstem, which can occur when a stroke impacts this specific small area at the junction between the spinal cord and the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The lesion blocks the brain’s motor pathways, resulting in almost complete paralysis.”

Please share this article with loved ones who have risk factors for stroke.


Science Daily. (2013). Unlocking a Brighter Future for Locked-In Syndrome From Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.


Repairing A Broken Mental Health System

Suggestions are:

1. The American Psychological Association performs tremendous work.  And when members think out of the box in bringing positive mental health results for the patient, those ideas deserve emulating.  However, there’s always room for improvement (i.e., ceasing to engage in illogical arguments/practices/agendas).

  • Going before the US Supreme Court and stating that underage females are responsible enough in obtaining abortions without parental consent.  If this argument was truly valid, underage females wouldn’t require abortions because they would have prevented the pregnancies from occurring.
  • A female* may experience psychological difficulties after her first abortion when she has a history of mental health problems.  Actually, a female may experience psychological difficulties after an initial abortion because of hormonal changes, even if she doesn’t have prior mental health issues.  Any prior mental health difficulties are exacerbated after having that first abortion.
  • Removing PTSD in the DSM-5 as an anxiety disorder and stating that the condition is merely associated with anxiety.  After further consideration on the subject, I can’t help but ask What were they thinking?

2. Pursuing corporate investors for funding.

3. Increase of neighborhood mental health clinics.

4. Additional group homes for patients as they make the transition from a psychiatric hospital stay before returning to their permanent residence.

5. Aggressive marketing for Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) throughout the various media platforms to de-stigmatize mental health.

6. Hiring additional social workers to deepen ties with the psychological community, and as safety nets for patients from falling through cracks within the bureaucracy.

7. Psychological outreach for routine workshops in K-12, houses of worship, and universities, providing literature with local resources available.

*Women and underage females alike.