When The Defendant Has A Mental Health Condition, Psychiatry In The Courtroom

Doughty Street Chambers (2017, May 31) provides a video with Siobhan Grey QC interviewing Professor Micheal Kopelman regarding the psychiatric expert witness testimony:

[VIDEO:  Neuropsychiatry vs Forensic Psychiatry in Homicide Cases]






Doughty Street Chambers (2017, May 31). Neuropsychiatry vs Forensic Psychiatry in Homicide Cases [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHYXykBfXa4


Childhood Autism, Asking The Necessary Question, One More Variable Worth Considering

Are childhood vaccines directly linked to autism, or is there a history of illegal drug usage in one or both parents of children with autism?*


*It stands to reason there are individuals with a prior history of illegal drug usage, and went on in life and produced healthy children.  Each case has to be looked upon independently for better analyses.