Mental Health Difficulties, That Mind And Body Relationship

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (2020) talks about how individuals can experience heart issues because of their mental health problems in, “Heart Disease and Mental Health Disorders |”

The other complication: There is the potential that a heart issue can decrease the necessary supply of oxygen the heart is required to send to the brain.



Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. (2020). Heart Disease And Mental Health Disorders. Retrieved From Heart Disease and Mental Health Disorders |

A Message Regarding Mental Health Conditions

There are many people with mental health issues, but they fail to seek help from a professional. This lack of urgency can in turn result with disastrous brain health and lack of emotional stability.

We need to applaud those who do recognize they are experiencing issues, and are seeking help so that they can have a much healthier existence. We need to encourage their endeavors as they experience this incredible challenge.