A Quieter, Productive Experience – “GE Silent Scan Expands to More MRI Sequences; Enables Fully Silent Neuro Scan”

photo-1 MRI

If you ever had an “MRI” as part of a yearly physical examination, you know how noisy the equipment can be.  The doctor may have offered earplugs to reduce the knocking sounds. Times have changed for the better.  Medgadget reported how innovation has improved for the patient and doctor.



“Study Links Synaesthesia to Autism”


As we all know, the brain can be considered the operating system for the rest of the body. The BBC reports that adults with autism spectrum disorder may actually taste words because their senses are combined.  Helen Briggs stated:

“Synaesthesia is a condition where one sense automatically triggers another. Some people experience tastes when they read or hear words, some perceive numbers as shapes, others see colours when they hear music.”

The research can help us understand what individuals with autism experience on a daily basis.


Reading – A Cognitive Function*


If you’re like me, you love reading!  And the more we read the more proficient we become in language skills, and improve other cognitive areas.

A thrilling mystery and literature are two of my favorite genres to read during leisure time. What are some of yours?

*Would you believe I had a slight stuttering problem as a child?  True.