Discussing Mental Health

images roller coaster ride

This subject causes members of society to wince with pain, shake their heads, and totally look away.  None of that need occur, however.

In the same fashion that adult males are no longer ashamed/bashful in discussing prostate health, society needs to openly address mental health.

Think of the operating system installed on technology.  If any difficulties occur, that technology won’t function properly.  The same holds true with our brain which can be considered the body’s operating system.  This 3-lb device provides the five senses, allows us to smile, laugh, sing, stand up, walk, dance, skip, engage in sports,  and so much more.

When we’re asleep, the brain continues to function.

So why are so many people incapable of discussing mental health?  There is no personal failing if someone experiences psychological difficulties.  In fact, the longer we live the more opportunities arise which can condition us in experiencing psychological issues.  Also, there are many instances where there are no known causations when they happen.

I have to tell this cute story about a former psychology professor.  She told the class to share to help relieve fears about phobias, and mental health in general.

She was in training for her advanced degree.  Unfortunately, the building she worked in lacked an annex.  She had to enter the building from the outside.  It was Spring time and which is typical during this season, occasional rain showers produced mosquitoes. Hundreds of them clung to the front door and other parts of the exterior of the building.  “How am I supposed to get through those doors?” she asked herself as she stood across the street from the building.  She had a phobia towards bugs.  To remedy her problem, she visualized herself approaching the building, opening the door, entering the building.  Then she did it!

What’s my phobia?  Well, it’s odd.  I love traveling by plane, but I won’t get on a roller coaster at the amusement park.  That won’t be happening.  🙂

When members of society have a healthy discussion concerning mental health, is the same day when society learns to relax.

And doesn’t it get so exhausting not discussing mental health?


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