A Brief Quiz To Determine Coronavirus-Provoked Anxiety

Lee (2020) has an evaluation for readers to complete in understanding how well they are coping in this environment with, Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (Lee, 2020).

Contact your doctor for any concerns regarding unhealthy levels of anxiety, and other mental health issues.





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Protecting The Mental Health Worker From That Level Of Dangerousness

There is hardly any mention about the killings of  psychiatrists in the general news media because their homicides are rare events (Davenport, 2018).  Be that as it may, of all of the medical occupations that exist (brand of doctors), psychiatrists are the most likely to become victims of homicide.

The killers are usually men; early 30’s; less than enthusiastic about receiving treatment; suffer from schizophrenia; or mood disorder; went off medication suddenly without therapist’s guidance; began illegal drug usage; combined that usage with alcohol; experienced hallucinations, or some other psychiatric condition.

The mental health professionals are usually female; mid-30’s, who perished by gun violence.

In “Psychiatrists The Most Common Victims Of Physician Homicide”, Davenport (2018) talks further about other members of society responsible for these deaths; the profile of the killers; workplace settings and other homicide venues; the personal history which is the genesis of the research, and other particulars





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The Mind Is A Sanctuary, Protecting That Sanctuary With Old Familiar Things When Society Has Lost Its Way (Again), A Spiritual Message


Favorites which are:


– Biblical passages;

– Mentoring children;

– Volunteering at nursing homes;

– Listening to certain music;

– Reading publications (Poetry, Fiction, etc.);

– Viewing television, film, stage productions from long ago;

– Creating art;

– Photography,

– Gardening.


These activities, pursuits, can bring comfort temporarily, but have long-term health benefits.  Returning us to days of yore.  Great memories.  In maintaining contentment.  A positive attitude.


These are examples of reinforcing healthy, strong coping skills.


What are your examples?






Anxiety Disorders, Coronavirus, Societal Restrictions

Mental health difficulties are invisible illnesses


Cassiday (2020) has an important article for members of the public who were already diagnosed with anxiety problems before the coronavirus burst onto the global scene in, “Finding Calm In The Middle Of The COVID19 Storm When You Have Panic Attacks And Agoraphobia.”





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Illegal Drug Usage, An Already Compromised Immune System, The Potential For Acquiring COVID-19

Gemme (2020) has a strong argument that individuals who use illegal drugs are one of the populations more susceptible to the Coronavirus in, “Risk For Contracting COVID-19 Likely Increases With Illicit Drug Use.”




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