Anxiety Disorders, Coronavirus, Societal Restrictions

Mental health difficulties are invisible illnesses


Cassiday (2020) has an important article for members of the public who were already diagnosed with anxiety problems before the coronavirus burst onto the global scene in, “Finding Calm In The Middle Of The COVID19 Storm When You Have Panic Attacks And Agoraphobia.”





Cassiday, K., Ph.D. (2020).  Finding Calm In The Middle Of The COVID19 Storm When You Have Panic Attacks And Agoraphobia.  Retrieved From


Stress Management Approaches

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, and will need to discover and practice effective stress management approaches for a healthy psychological condition.

As an aside, stress can lead to depression, and the longer depression lasts the better the opportunity for neurotransmitters becoming damaged, requiring an individual to obtain psychotropics from a mental health professional.

The following resources provide beneficial information in reducing/managing stress:



Mayo Clinic: Healthy Lifestyle – Stress Management – Stress Basics Albrecht’s Four Types of Stress – Managing Common Pressures



Stress Management Techniques


Relaxation Video for Stress Management




Educational Games

From MindGames BCI:

[Video] “Mind Games – Mind Training Games With Benefits”


The Mind Games application has a variety of exercises:

  • Attention Training
  • Math Star
  • Memory Racer
  • Mental Categories
  • Speed Trivia
  • Vocabulary Power
  • Mental Flex
  • Memory Grid
  • Anticipation
  • Word Memory
  • Abstraction
  • Face Memory
  • Object Memory




New Blog Features



I’ve updated my blog with a new Gravatar, and by including additional page tabs—“Lectures”, “Stress Management”, and “Inspirational”.  These videos consist of discussions by leading experts within the psychological/neuroscience community; beautiful, peaceful images, and music to calm the soul.  Newer videos will get added over the course of each month.