Traumatic Brain Injury, Future Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis, The Necessary MRI Usage

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” is generally considered a “mental health” issue brought on by a traumatic event, creating a number of symptoms the individual may experience soon after that event.

Fortunately, according to the following literature, research is showing the potential to discover early PTSD in those who experienced brain injuries:  “Brain Imaging Predicts PTSD After Brain Injury” (Elsevier, 2020).




Elsevier. (2020, December 29). Brain Imaging Predicts PTSD After Brain Injury.  Brain Volume Measurement May Provide Early Biomarker.  ScienceDaily.  Retrieved January 9, 2021 From


The Human Brain Project

“The Human Brain Project” is a new research endeavor lasting ten years, with hundreds of scientists from Europe participating.  A few of the objectives are to build a facility for the project, better understand how the brain operates, learn about similarities among brain diseases, create medical innovation and other electronics, all the while advancing neuroscience. Experts are using highly sophisticated computers for data mining.

The outcomes will prove beneficial for all of us!