Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, The Discussion Is Never Too Early

Listening to one’s intuition to discover:

-Is the relationship occurring too rapidly?

-Are boundaries crossed?

-Is there a lack of mutual respect?

-Is the potential romantic partner making attempts for you to cut off family and friends? Activities?

-Are they making unkind remarks (i.e., minimizing your person, accomplishments)?

These are some of the warning signs that a potential relationship is not only unsuitable, but dangerous.

Being in a romantic relationship (or any relationship!) is not synonymous with having your person torn apart. An individual should be able to maintain their healthy self-esteem and good health (mentally and physically)!

The Association Of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (2022) has critical information that can assist females as they enter their stage of dating.



The Association Of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (2022). Self-Esteem. February Is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Retrieved From https://www.ajli.org/?nd=p-do-comm-ip-self-esteem

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