The Youth Population, Avoiding A Wasteful Life

Members of this community have to learn they are standing on the shoulders of ancestors:

  • Who fought the good fight
  • For peace
  • A civilized society
  • Respect
  • A positive future for descendants

These are words taught me and peers coming up during younger times in our households, and throughout K-12.  Parents and teachers drilled these beliefs into our heads.  Thus, we never took anything for granted.  A strong reverence for those ancestors.

Young people have to live meaningful lives instead of throwing it away on illegal drug usage, violence, and other unhealthy behaviors which can result in mental health difficulties and prison.

But what if they lack positive role models in their homes (i.e., parents/caregivers are deceased, incarcerated, or unavailable because of other factors)?

Young people should look to those they admire and trust:

  • A relative outside of home
  • Friend’s parent
  • Teacher
  • Neighbor
  • Social worker

AND confirm these individuals are worthy of their admiration and trust.

A few words to offer as young people pursue those meaningful lives:

  • Make self-respect a close friend
  • Intellect your strongest weapon
  • Be your unique selves


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