As Earth Awareness Month Reaches A Conclusion…

Clean Water Is The Thing!

When we hear of droughts that have occurred in America over the past 20 years, and people using sophisticated water hoses in between water readings, we need to understand the possibility that droughts are coming to a zip code near all of us!

Water usages:  

-Taking prescribed medications, vitamins

-Drinking water, in general, to flush out impurities on a daily basis

-Brushing our teeth;

-Baths, showers;




-Washing our hands throughout the day;

-Toilet water;

-Throwing droplets of water on our faces to revive us from a hectic day;

-Fire hydrant;

-Washing the car, and

-Watering the Lawn.

And several other uses of water occur throughout 24 hours.

Water is the thing because it helps us maintain cleanliness, and disinfect our lives, an important ingredient in preventing unnecessary illness. 

It’s a resource we take for granted, and need to have quality infrastructure throughout America so that everyone has sufficient amounts of this resource to maintain a positive and healthy quality of life.


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