One Of Those Delicate Subjects:  To The Ladies In The Audience, An Attempt To Bring Clarity To An Uncomfortable Subject – Abortion

The Complexity Of It All

Back in the days of yore, my peers and I had strong conversations as young women with our mothers about everything, including birth control.

It was standard practice to visit our gynecologist regularly and had prescriptions for birth control pills.  Once HIV/AIDS arrived on the scene in America, purchasing contraceptive foams and creams which kill the virus was another practice, while some of us may have placed sexual activity on hiatus for a while until we had a better understanding of the origins of the virus.

The exercises mentioned above were proactive methods in removing the potential of unwanted pregnancies and deadly viruses.

Abortion.  One of the things that need to be clarified is that abortion should be readily available to females within America, of course.  The idea of a female being sexually assaulted and ending up with an unwanted pregnancy in the worst way is outrageous!

Having said that, the purpose of this blog is to address mental health issues.

In this instance, females need to become aware of the potential which can occur upon having an abortion.  While there are longitudinal studies that indicate there is a slight risk of mental health issues after having an abortion, females need to become aware of this information before becoming pregnant altogether.  Consider the females who were not part of those longitudinal studies and experienced mental health problems after having an abortion.  NOT TALKING ABOUT the potential for a mental health condition even though the risk is slight is reckless, unconscionable, and a disservice to young women who believe in obtaining as much information as possible regarding their health.  

Therefore, let’s expand on the subject, shall we?  The female with a prior history of a mental health condition:  The potential is there that the condition worsens after having an abortion.

Providing a complete portrait of a condition is necessary, always.

The gist of this post is not about whether a female with an unwanted pregnancy should obtain an abortion, or have access to abortion.  It’s about obtaining as much information as possible before the potential pregnancy occurs.

Ladies, I wish you positive health as you journey through life!


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