Identifying The Correct Entity To Blame For A Societal Problem: The Epidemic Of Violence In America

The Individual Is The Weapon, And Their Instrument Of Choice To Harm Is The Method

We have to place things in their proper order in solving this disturbing issue. That begins by recognizing some members of society:

– Came from home environments which lacked guidance, supervision, and love;

– Lack strong emotional regulation, for whatever reason (i.e., learned behavior, genetic, congenital impairment, abuse);

– Are conformists to earlier deadly instances that have occurred;

– Have learned from home environment, or peers, that conflict (real, or imagined) involves picking up a tool (whatever that may be) with the intent to harm someone in resolving conflict;

– Embrace negativity and sounds that enter their minds on a daily basis (media influences);

– Lack healthy coping mechanisms;

– Are selfish (dangerously!), with a sense of entitlement;

– Already have a need to let their personal difficulties spill out into the public arena, and care less who gets physically damaged as a result;

– Possess out-of-control anger and hostility, and

– Lacked positive role models in their developmental years.

Are these all of the variables? No, but they’re a good start.

If America wants to find solutions in combatting violence in society, it begins with identifying the actual source of the problem, instead of working backwards.


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