Thanksgiving 2015 – A Spiritual Message

As we look around, there are many of us who have experienced the loss of loved ones this year.  Thus, we might say to ourselves what exactly do we have to be thankful for this particular holiday.

We cannot allow grief to blind us from seeing those many reasons, some of which are:

  • The mutual love and respect we had with our loved ones,
  • They were good people,
  • Brought exceeding happiness,
  • Humor and laughter,
  • We created beautiful, lasting memories with them,
  • Mutual trust,
  • Best friends,
  • Positive role models,
  • They made life dance,
  • Style and substance,
  • Dignified,
  • Uniqueness,
  • Lovely personalities,
  • Attitude towards life,
  • Attitude towards death,
  • Courageous

These qualities are never exaggerations when we have been blessed in these types of relationships of which we honor.

Relationships which deserve honor.

They were a huge part of our lives and we knew them like no one else could ever imagine.

We can anticipate and experience conflicting emotions.

We experience sorrow, deeply, because we have the capacity to love others more than we love ourselves.  As we experience that sorrow, we are also happy for them because, now, and eternity, they are finally home.

“In a better place” does not even come close in expression.

They sit at the Lord and Savior’s presence.

He created a new city.  A new country.  An Heavenly.  For them.

If we are lucky, and more importantly remain Godly, we shall experience that Heavenly reunion with our departed one beautiful day.

Therefore, our emotions are what they are.  What they should be.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe Thanksgiving.




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