Warning: Graphic Content – Sadists

Excuse any typos, grammatical errors.  The message is the thing.  And the message speaks volumes on society.


When we think of a sadist, we generally think of a serial killer who inflicts unmentionable physical harm on the victim.  However, a sadist also inflicts psychological damage on their target with a particular feature associated with the behavior:  Annihilation.

The following are examples of behaviors occurring in society which, unfortunately, have become the norm.


1. Hackers




A sense of entitlement






They invade a person’s privacy, collecting personal information, data and other material for their own use.  They steal, placing their hands all over an individual’s life, and the target may not even realize what is occurring until it is too late.  Hackers have destroyed their target’s life.

This sadist is in control over the target, produces a colossal mess, with the victim having to utilize resources in attempts to overcome the burden placed on him or her.


2. Inappropriate Use of Technology




A great desire to exploit others




The target is an object, no longer a human being


Technology is fantastic!  However, it has often been said that just because technology allows a person to perform a particular function doesn’t suggest a person should utilize technology for the particular function.  There are mores in society.  Boundaries which should never be crossed.

This sadist exploits children, females, the elderly, and people with disabilities, leaving behind a trail of destruction.  For these groups, their person is violated, dignity stolen, humiliation can occur, and they may experience psychological trauma from the experience(s).


3. Youths and Others Engaged in Violent Behaviors


Out of control


Where are the parents, and other adults, to stop the madness, instead of people who always manage to be around to record these incidents of madness?


How many times have we seen a group of young people in videos stomping, kicking, beating the life out of someone?  Too often, and one time is too many.

It is unpleasant to say about these youths, but yes, this is sadistic behavior they are engaging in and their goal is to destroy, eliminate their target completely.


4. Police Officers, Analogous to Cowboys in Old Western Films


Out of control




Trigger Happy


Did they actually flunk the personality assessment?


Most officers are decent, well-behaved individuals.  However, it is becoming a regular occurrence where an officer went over the line and failed to practice a a  more favorable remedy in apprehending a suspect.

Unpleasant to mention.  However, this behavior is sadistic because what occurs is the destruction, annihilation of the suspect entirely through gross circumstances.


5. Corrupt Politicians, Politicians with Blind Ambition, and Officials in General






A belief they are above the law — morally and legally






Destructive patterns of behaviors towards the competition, or anyone else who stands in their way of goals.  The language, tone, practices, whathaveyou, reveal they are take-down artists willing to do anything necessary for gain.

These individuals are so busy destroying, annihilating each other they also hurt constituents as a result (i.e., neighborhoods, cities, states).


Finally, we come to the Grand Poopah of them all:  Terrorists.








Blowing themselves up to destroy others.  Blowing things up because of whatever ideology they possess at the moment.  Whatever makes them tick.

Sadistic, destructive human beings.

And what is the difference between the groups described in examples #1 – 5 compared with terrorists?


Methodologies are different, but they are all the same.

A need to annihilate.  Destroy others.





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