Apologists and Skewed Priorities

It’s stunning the many apologists there are for juveniles with the most deplorable behaviors imaginable. They would have us to believe dangerous adolescents are upstanding citizens who deserve a slap on the back for a job well done.  In reality, they’re Poster Children for Bad Behavior, with a high percentage beyond rehabilitation.  The apologist community needs to re-configure its thinking: Give accolades to juveniles who’ve earned them.

They have admirable behaviors, strong emotional maturation and intelligence, healthy study skills to excel in academia, enthusiasm about the future, intellectual curiosity, and pleasant dispositions.  They’re good people!  Any could become the next CEO we read about in business magazines. Regardless of goals, they have attractive standards.

It’s these youths who deserve praise. Not those who disturb the peace of our lives and if given the opportunity, wouldn’t have a second thought about murdering us.

Instead of disparaging voices of reason, and making excuses for negative behaviors, time would be best spent working alongside legislators in establishing alternative schools (and housing) for dangerous juveniles to keep them separated from the law-abiding public.

I look forward to your comments.


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