Recognizing Your Personality Type Is Unbelievably Important For Goal Achievement

Deci & Ryan (2000/2009), Moran (2019), Schnitzer (2020), and Lawrence (2022) share their thoughts concerning the role personality type has regarding goal achievement.



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Personality Assessments in the Workplace

“Personality assessments” need to become the norm as a requirement of the pre-employment process in all organizations, not just among those for the safety and emergency workforce.  It’s a controversial issue, but there are precautions which Human Resource Management can establish in alleviating/reducing lawsuits:

  • Write up the policy, place it on Intranet and company website, and on applications which applicants have to check and sign off on before any potential interviews can take place;
  • The policy should emphasize that applicants can be re-examined after 90 days, but with an entirely different Tester, when results from initial assessment are unfavorable;
  • If the applicant refuses to adhere to examination, the process ends immediately. Documentation stating applicant’s refusal is attached with the incomplete application for record-keeping purposes;
  • If second assessment results are also unfavorable, the pre-employment process ends immediately, with these results and the former attached to the application.