The Anxiety Series, Part IV, Conclusion, That Self-Inflicted Disorder, Perfectionism


Reasonable, Healthy Thinking:

– A person has an everyday goal of having one’s attire pulled together, looking presentable;

– Wanting to live in a safer, cleaner neighborhood;

– Eye-balling job tasks more than a few instances before turning in completed assignment to the boss when proficiencies are of import, and

– Parents sending their children to better schools so that offspring can have a quality educational experience.


Unreasonable, Unhealthy Thinking:

– Anyone who is anybody wears these designer clothes;

– Wanting to live at a certain zip code where “important” people reside;

– Failing to turn in job assignment to the boss within the deadline because worker is proofing to the extreme, and

– Parents demanding offspring receive all A’s on report cards.


These are foolish and damaging thought patterns and behaviors, which will result with somebody experiencing a mental health disorder.

Tabaka (2017) has a narrative about how perfection can wreck an individual’s mental health, and how dissimilar these traits are in comparison to high-achieving people in, 8 Signs You’re A Perfectionist (And Why It’s Toxic To Your Mental Health).




Tabaka, M. (2017).  8 Signs You’re A Perfectionist (And Why It’s Toxic To Your Mental Health).  Retrieved From


Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids (aka anabolic-androgenic steroids) are non-prescribed drugs composed of the male hormone testosterone for muscle enhancement (“the ideal body”), and sports performance enhancement.  These drugs come in the form of injections, pills, and gels/creams.  Even though many users don’t take them on a continuous basisthe usage history fosters many consequences.

Adolescent Males

  • Psychiatric difficulties
  • Aggression
  • Violence
  • Growth inhibition (i.e., height, genitalia)
  • Suicide

Adolescent Females

  • Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Potential psychiatric difficulties
  • Growth inhibition (i.e., height, breasts)
  • Acne
  • Ceases/prevents menstruation


  • Psychiatric difficulties
  • Ceases menstruation
  • Significant breast size decrease
  • Diminishes female sculpture
  • Pregnancy difficulties
  • Cancer
  • Death


  • Psychiatric difficulties
  • Significant breast size increase
  • Genitalia reduction
  • Aggression
  • Violence
  • Cancer
  • Death

The bodily effects from anabolic steroids are irreversible for many users.