Strategic Brand Management And The Organization’s Core Beliefs Presented To The Customers Should Always Be In Concert


When someone hears the name of a particular company or sees the business logo, they can become aware of that organization’s doctrine.  It’s the company’s image, and what it represents.

The mental concept of that brand gets the consumer enthusiastic about making a purchase.  The company becomes the go-to place for these products and services.

Strategic brand management involves constantly sharpening the image while maintaining company standards.  Thus, any potential new services and products should be aligned with those standards.  To say it another way:  A company should refuse to implement products and services that don’t meet its doctrine.


Arriving At Work Early Is Good For A Worker’s Mental Health

First, they are there on the scene and able to discern the pulse of the department and company (i.e., emergencies which have popped out of nowhere:  “Can you step into this brief meeting?”).  Second, they can ease into their job assignments without rattled nerves, which the latter usually occurs with that last-minute arrival.  Third, early arrival makes a favorable impression on the boss:  Commitment and respect towards the organization (the potential for upwards grading on performance reviews?).  Finally, early arrival shows the worker how organized they can become since they have gone that extra mile in their work routine.

Kelly Services, Inc. (2019) provides additional information on the subject with their article, “Why You Should Always Be Early For Work.”



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