2023 Resolutions, Our Strengths, And Weaknesses

Having a sense of gratitude every day is a form of personal development.  It’s a mindset!

We immediately think of companies when the subject is strengths and weaknesses.  Then, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is brought into the discussion.  Maybe later in 2023, we’ll talk about that subject and how mental health is a variable.

However, this post talks about why all of us should identify our strengths and weaknesses to increase the former, and decrease the latter.

The Tough Love Post, Self-Improvement

Those who cannot accept they have strengths are either modest or have damaged self-esteem.  Those who cannot accept they have weaknesses have unhealthy self-esteem because they possess inflated ideas about themselves.

Life is about constant participation in self-development!

The person who harbors resentment and engages in minimizing others (especially unprovoked), is an individual wasting their life on these behaviors, instead of performing necessary tasks to lift their station in life.  While life is eroding, the people they resent are passing them by and onto their next endeavors.

Life is about self-improvement, and some people engage in these activities every six months, while others every day.

For instance:

  1. Do you even know who you are and what you believe?  Becoming aware of the self;
  2. Be the kind of person you would want to have around because of personality, attitude, the ability to not only laugh but laugh at oneself; resiliency; 
  3. Cheering for others when they are striving to succeed, instead of making attempts to minimize them, and their efforts;
  4. How about complimenting someone once in a while who has participated in endless, tireless efforts to succeed in their endeavors, instead of tearing them down? and
  5. Use someone as a mentor/role model who engages in constant self-development, instead of having resentment towards them and others like them.

Returning to how it began:  People with a sense of gratitude have a purpose in life.  They create to bring positivity into the universe.  A grateful heart is blessed merely to have woken up this morning to begin again.  They are constantly trying to better themselves, understanding all the while they are imperfect beings. 

Healthy self-esteem!

May we increase our strengths and reduce those weaknesses as we move forward into the brand New Year!


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