2020, Memories (Those Mental Representations) For Loved Ones Lost But Never Forgotten, Give Them Their Bragging Rights!

Honor them by talking about how wonderful they lead their life. Speak of the positive deeds they bestowed upon you and others. Address how they made your life more meaningful with their existence. Speak of their humor. Talk about the numerous events you attended with them. Express how they were a positive role model worth emulating. Describe their talents. Speak of how they encouraged your pursuits. Indicate the many ways they showed humanity towards you and other people. Discuss the celebrations you shared together.

You will do all of this through tears and a heavy heart, of course, but these conversations will keep their spirits alive and show your continued love for them because genuine love never dies. A smile will appear on your face because they were Yours!

Honoring is not a one-off, but a constant for the rest of your life.

These are the people worth bragging about and idolizing. And why shouldn’t you?! Without trying, by merely being themselves, they helped mold you into the good person you are today.

Wishing All Of You A Safe And Meaningful New Year!


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