New Year’s Resolutions – Celebrating Short-Term Goals

Many people this time of year have objectives they wish to meet, then they become overwhelming, creating “generalized anxiety”, and quickly burdensome.  That needn’t happen.  Reasonable goals are 90% mental preparation and 10% physical in bringing them into fruition.  Which is why each goal should be broken down into increments.  An example is the person who desires to lose weight.  They should have in mind how they wish to pursue weight reduction, and quietly congratulate themselves after that first five pounds, and then subsequent equal amounts of weight loss.  This method can also be used for the individual making home renovations.  Each room improvement can become a victory towards the completed residential makeover.  Also, the individual deciding to pursue college shouldn’t view four years nearly as long as they originally thought.  Each completed course is a step closer in receiving their diploma.

If we’re not careful negative moods can control our brains.  Thinking differently with a positive mindset is an important measure in removing unnecessary anxiety from all of our lives.


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