When a Friend is Grieving*


There are no easy answers to help a friend when they experience a death in the family. The only thing we can do is consider a few things  to help minimize suffering.  Visit often and keep them company.  We don’t even have to utter a word. Just being there is gratifying because they won’t feel alone. Purchase groceries, help with household  chores, and go along with them to run errands. When we believe they’re ready for social activities, take them someplace that’s low-key (i.e., a quiet restaurant, or invite them over for dinners with a limited number of guests).  They require a comfort zone, and we don’t want to overstimulate their emotions. If they indicate that they can’t move beyond the grief, inform them gently that it’s a process and takes awhile.  Finally, it’s good for them to discuss the beautiful memories they had with their loved one.  It allows the deceased to live forever.

*If a friend experiences mild depression for approximately six months, it’s advisable they seek counseling immediately.


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